Speaking of the online payment services in India there is no doubt that Airpay provides the best features. Airpay is a unique payment platform that supports world e-commerce and retail services. Due to good services, Airpay has been listed on the top list among the payment gateway available in India.

The company was founded back in the year 2012. Enjoy the online payment services as it offers e-commerce payment options and online processing services at free cost. And no extra or hidden charge is included.

Airpay Review – What are the uses of it?

Airpay brings to you one step online payment gateway services. It provides to you an excellent option for making business transactions using credit or debit card worldwide. By using the net banking of Airpay you can receive the payment made by recommended options from the customers.


The online transactions made through Airpay are very easy. And it takes the only minimum amount of charges and is completely secure. This simply means that it gives its customers the security of money. Also, brings to you so many benefits like merchant and transactions benefits too.

Why must you choose Airpay?

Learn why it is the best idea to choose Airpay payment gateway services. Check on the list of details.

  • It provides to you easy and one-step online payment solutions.
  • Offers services to you the card payment and online payment options.
  • The pricing of the payment gateway is unique and simply set.
  • Use tons of features offered by Airpay.
  • Supports in a different platform of devices.

What is the pricing of Airpay?

The pricing system of the Airpay is quite simple. And you clearly get to learn the amount you need to pay. The transaction wise package is at the rate of Rs.2500 per quarter and zero transaction charges. You can transact an amount of Rs.1, 50,000/- per quarter. It includes no hidden charges and there is no need pay fee for the setup cost. You can check out their plans here.