BitPay was started with the intention of making the payments easy for any business. By using the service of BitPay you can effortlessly accept the payments of bitcoin. It is presently one of the world largest bitcoin payment processes available today. Here in this BitPay review, we will provide you the valuable information of the payment gateway.

BitPay was founded back in the year 2011. The company saw the potential into the bitcoin for revolutionizing the industry of finance. Into the field of making the payment in a fast speed and making the process completely secure to use. BitPay is very less in price when made a comparison on a global scale.

What are the benefits to choose BitPay as your payment Gateway?

Bitpay works very simply all you have to do is order, activate, load and spend. Also, check out why it is good to use Bitpay as your payment gateway services.

  • In the field of sales and marketing, BitPay does not appear to hire independent sales representatives. And until now have not received any complaints regarding the sales practices in BitPay.
  • This payment gateway provides many pricing plans. And among it, the most expensive one charge is taken at the rate of 1%, which is per bitcoin transaction without including any termination fee.
  • Bitpay has an A rating as it provided with an improved Business Bureau and provides best services.
  • The merchants in the Go Coin payment gateway service has the freedom to choose paid in real currency.

What is the cost of using BitPay?

The pricing of the BitPay for the beginner starts at the rate of $10,000 daily, and that makes up to $10,000 annually. The user will be able to use first 30 free transactions. For business purpose, there is a 1% of transaction fee with the unlimited transactions facility. And it also offers the huge fees that are applicable for the term of high-risk industries. Into the Enterprise plan, you can get the business processing of $10 million or higher than that. You can check out their plans and features here.