Our world has slowly but successfully shifted from Paper Money to Virtual Cash. Today, businesses are not limited to national boundaries they have reached afar  In this scenario every business no matter how big or small it is look for easy and efficient payment and transaction methods. Because no one wants to pay hefty sum for receiving or doing payments.


One solution for this is opting for payment gateways. “DUE” is one such Payment Gateway option available out there. At “DUE”, they offer you Electronic Funds Transfer for your business transactions. It provides Credit and Debit Card Processing Solutions for your business. To avail their services it’s an easy-breezy process. You can go and “SIGNUP FOR FREE” and you are good to go. You can directly visit them here : https://due.com/payments/


DUE claims to offer unparalleled services.They have a “ 2-step Verification Process” for extra security of the users. And a very big plus point involves them assigning custom rates. If your business has a monthly transaction volume of $250,000 or more then you can go for their “custom rates made especially for you”.

Their customer support system is available for you 24*7*365 via. Phone and E-mail .

  • Fully- customized
  • An easy to operate API
  • Account monitoring at regular intervals
  • Easy and handy payment solutions
  • Premium features
  • Quick SDK setup


  • You can reach and engage a wider Target Audience.
  • It will help you Reduce transaction cost
  • Saves you from Human Error and hence gives you Automated results.


They are primarily concerned about the security of their users. They practice “SECURITY IS PRIORITY” which shows how much they value our financial and personal information to keep it safe from any theft or forgery. Every transaction is encrypted.

“DUE ” doesn’t comes heavy on your pocket by extracting a hefty sum for every payment being made. They are a savior with a strict “No setup fee or hidden fee” policy.


After knowing about all the features and benefits of “DUE” at last, it comes down to the most important question which will pop up in your mind.

They charge static 2.80% transaction fee for all processing and even make a claim of  “Lowest Fees Guaranteed”.


You can surely opt for it if your are new to digital transactions.Because the procedure is simple and easy to put into being.They are short of many premium features given by other gateways but still giving pretty decent services without going over the board. Read, Experience and Consider and don’t forget to read other reviews. Click and have a look at them.

So, dear readers this is all we have to let you know about DUE Payment Gateway. If you have any questions popping up in your head feel free to jot it down in the comment section below. We will try to answer it with high priority.

P.s – Also if you want to see review of any other gateway, do let us know about the same.