InstaMojo is one of the largest on-demand payments and e-commerce platform available in India. It gives the best solution for the entrepreneurs or freelancers for providing payment gateways. This payment gateway service offers unique and powerful tools for online stores and much more.

Merchants and businessmen best option for selling any products and get money from others is InstaMojo. The money can be collected after the transaction is complete into the particular account. Here we will be discussing with you all the necessary information about InstaMojo.

InstaMojo Review: why it is needed?

You have to know the actual uses of InstaMojo and for whom it is the best option to use. Speaking of using it any normal person or merchants can use this payment gateway service, to make a transaction of several dollars amount of money.

The best thing about InstaMojo is that it allows any freelancers the access to sell your own products or eBooks online. And also to make a collection of payments be it for business purpose, online shopping and lots more.  The main usage of InstaMojo is for the entrepreneurs to sell the digital goods like eBook or tickets, etc.

How InstaMojo works?

InstaMojo works impressively first by creating payment links. You have to share the available link with your customers to receive the payment. Copy the link and share it to WhatsApp, hang out and SMS. And in the “Create a Payment Link”, there are usually four different categories of sellers that is Digital Goods, Event Tickets, Services or Membership and Physical Goods.

In this way, InstaMojo shares with the customers and then to get paid to choose a payment method. InstaMojo is very simple, easy and safe payment gateway.

What is the pricing of InstaMojo?

When you make a comparison of InstaMojo pricing with other payment gateways, then it is considered to be one of the best. The setup fee charges of this payment gateway are absolute for the fee, there are no charges included. And there is no need for annual maintenance and minimum commitment. And there is no hidden cost for using InstaMojo payment gateway which is really amazing. You can check out the pricing details here.