Whenever we talk about accepting payments from all over the world, we are going to need a very reliable and a fast way to accept the money without causing any inconvenience, same is applied for your users as well. If you are running a business which you are planning to expand overseas and planning to implement a good online payment gateway, stick to this article till end.

PayGol – Accept payment from anywhere in the world

Paygol is an online payment platform which allows merchants to receive payments through a wide array of payment methods in a fast and easy way. It allows you to quickly configure everything and implement on your Website or Mobile App.

Paygol is now worldwide and spread in many countries like Europe, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico and many more. Although the transaction fees will differ from country to country. With Paygol,  All your online payments available on your website or in your mobile app  can be done with a single integration, and the best part is  that there is no startup or monthly fees.

PayGol Transaction Fees

Normally, as other online payment gateways keep a standard transaction fees, here it’s slightly different. If you have a Credit card, then you will be charged 4% €0.25  and if you are planning to pay through PaySafeCard, then transaction fee is 15% yes, very high! ). And also PayGol has divided the fees country wise as well, you can check our Transaction Fees tab to see all of them listed.

PayGol Integration Modules

Here are the modules and the different implementation method of the payment gateway – Paygol.

How to Create PayGol Account:

Creating the account is very simple, all you gotta do is :

  1. Go to the official website of Paygol ( https://www.paygol.com/ ) , and simple look for a button titled “Start Now”.
  2. Click on that button, you will be taken to another page where you have to enter all your details like Email, Password and then hit Sign Up.
  3. That’s it, now you can start using the service as soon as you verify your account and all your documents to enable the online payment gateway option.

You can scroll to top and click any of the other tabs like “Transaction Fees” , to know more about the service, saying this, hope you liked this quick and useful review of yet another online payment gateway. If you using this or will start using this after reading the article, do make sure to leave a comment down below and also let us know if you have any suggestion on this.