We are quite familiar with what payment gateways are, as there are several payment gateways. Among all the payment gateways PayU is regarded as one of the best as and some point you might have as well come across this platform.

This post will provide with brief information about what PayU and how it is beneficial to us. It will also provide you with some reasons about why you should go for this instead of the others. But before we head to that, let me provide you with a short description about what PayU is about.

PayU Review: What is it?

It is an online payment service provider that has been solely made to for simple and fast payments. This service can be used by both buyers and merchants and is mainly used for shopping purposes.

There are lots of merchants who use it as their payment service provider. Apart from that it also has over 250 local payment methods and lots of different currency options. The payment procedure is one of the safest and it also reduces the bounce rates that in turn mend the number of successful transactions. Trust is a key factor when it comes to online business

How does PayU work?

It has been mentioned before that Trust is a key factor when it comes to online business. And for this very reason knowing how a certain payment gateway works is quite important. Down below are a few steps that will provide you with the information about how this works.

  • In the first steps the buyer selects the product on the merchant’s page and clicks on “Pay Now” and with that, he is taken to the Payment page of PayU.
  • After that, the buyer and his details are sent to the right bank by PayU and the bank verifies the details and informs whether the transaction made by the buyer is successful or not.
  • Now, PayU passes the buyer back to the merchant’s page and also provides the details of the transaction provided by the bank. After that, he is taken to the payments results page.

And that is how PayU works. Now that you have gotten quite familiar with how this Payment Gateway works let me tell you why you should choose this over other gateways.

Why Should You Choose PayU?

The reasons for which you should choose PayU have been provided below. Make sure you read them carefully.

  • It has multi-currency options which make it easier for users to use it.
  • Tokenization is available in PayU. This makes it safe and fast for the customers to pay online.
  • Different types of payments are also available. For example Alternative Payment, Express Payment, and Recurring Payment. Apart from that all debit cards and more than 33 net banking options are accepted by PayU.
  • Mobile Integration is another reason that makes this payment gateway superior to the other payment gateways.

Well, these are few reasons for which you should choose PayU payment gateway. Apart from these, there are various other reasons too which you will get to know when you start using it.

What is the Cost of PayU?

The pricing of PayU is only available after a request has been made. You can get in touch with the company for further details about their payment procedures. You can also visit their official site for more information.

PayU is one of the leading Payment gateways around the world. If you were to take our suggestion into account then I would suggest you go for it. If you are still not satisfied then you can always check for more answers online. Hope that the provided information will provide you with all the answers that you seek.