If you wish to increase your online sales today then you must pick PayUbiz. It is a right choice for those whose is the store owner, salesman or merchant and it helps in growing their business. PayUbiz is a simple payment gateway solution that gives you an excellent service. It gives you the best cutting-edge feature that helps you to increase the conversion rates at the rate of 12%. To receive the payments you can download the PayUbiz app into your smartphone. Experience the different mode of payment by selecting PayUbiz for business and others.

How does the PayuBiz work?

PayuBiz gives you an access to gather Cross-Border Payments. It also means that the payment can be made local in every part of India.

  • At first, you will have to visit the PayU account data to the app.
  • After that, you will have to add one or more number of items into your sale.
  • And then select the option on how you wish to store. Send a payment link such as SMS or via WhatsApp and Mail. And you can also generate a QR code that is readable into other devices.

In this way, you can receive the payments of the credit card. Also, check on the latest sales and learn the details of the one who has done the payment.

What is the Pricing of PayuBiz?

Speaking of the pricing plan of PayUbiz payment gateway, the integration fee starts at Rs.4,900 that is startup plan. And there is a gold plan and platinum plan, whereas the prices are Rs.14,900 & Rs.19,900.  And the total annual maintenance is charge is at Rs.2,400. Here the charges of extra that is GST is applicable and PayuBiz also supports UPI and the transactions of UPI GR.

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