If you are having any problem for making online transactions or transfer money across the World then you should select Payza service. This service can be used for both personal purpose and business purpose. Today there are thousands of online payment service available in worldwide but among them Payza can provide you some additional features.

Using this Payza service you will be able to send or transfer money around the whole world in just few seconds. It is one of the most convenient and efficient service for making online payments. Today Payza service is available over 190 countries. Moreover, it provides unique security features in order to protect your information. Payza also offers free service for sending money or transfer money across the world. They also provide 24/7 technical support system which include live chat and email features.

Payza Presence

Currently Payza service is available over 190 countries across the world. Payza is considered as the most secure platforms for online payment which can help you to provide unique features, personalized support, free subscription billing options and much more.

Today, more than 100,000 ecommerce business process payments are done with Payza. It is the quickest, easiest and most secure platform for doing business. They also offer built-in fraud prevention tools in order to prevent any kind of cause to the customers.

Payment methods of Payza

Payza can be used for both personal and e-commerce business purpose. It allows the users (Payza members) for making payments through internet by registering their service. There are different kinds of methods available for making online payment with Payza.

Payza Payment Methods

  • Debit cards – Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, Indian Overseas bank, HDFC Bank, Corporation bank and much more.
  • Credit cards – Master card, Visa card, Diners card
  • Net banking options – HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Federal Bank, Citibank and J & K Bank.
  • Cash card – ITZ cash card

Payza will let you to connect with millions of people around the globe with their money. You can make payment anywhere, anytime and your information is always secure. In order to make local payments, you just need to select the countries after signing in. You can deposit money in your Payza account by Bank Wire, Credit card and Bit coin. For withdrawing or transfer funds from your Payza account, you can use Bank transfer, Bank wire, credit card and Bitcoin.

Payza Payment fees

If you are using Payza then you don’t have to worry about the charges or fees. In order to send money or transfer money across the whole world, it is always free.


If you compare Payza with some other top recommended online payment services such as PayPal or PayTM, they will charge few amounts but Payza will provide you free offers. Also, you don’t need to pay any yearly fees and activation cost of this service is not required. But yeah they do charge you 2.90% + $0.30 when you receive payments.

How to create your Payza account?

In order to create your account with Plaza, you have to follow few steps which I am going to mentioned down below.

Payza Account Tutorial

  1. First of all visit their official website through the web.
  2. After that click on personal or business option.
  3. Now you need to enter your email ID or user name along with the password. After that click on Get started button.
  4. Now you can sign in your Payza account and enjoy the unique features of Payza.

Payza is the most convenient way and easiest way to make online payments across the world for various purposes. It is 100% secure service. I hope you will get a lot of benefit by reading this article. If you like this article then please shares it with your friends.