Start using Payza you can easily accept online payment and get it paid in Rupees. Payza’s provide low fees service. It will give you helping hands in storing more of your money. Either choose your personal or business account. The sign-up the account in Payza is free and it also gives you a free annual maintenance. In this Payza Review, you will get valuable information on the benefits and pricing of the payment gateway.

Payza provides to its user safe services and very easy to use it. It is one of the finest e-wallets that allows you to connect from every corner of India to worldwide.  This payment gateway service comes with a full Indian Support. Now you can easily shop online from any store. Even send or make the transfer of money superfast absolutely for free.


What are the benefits of using Payza as Indians?

  • Send or transfer money totally free – Payza allows you to send money at the moment without any charges. Start sending money to your friends and others from India to any place in the world.
  • Receive the Payments – Suppose you are a freelancer or the one do business by selling online. Payza is the right payment gateway service for you to receive any payments.
  • Shop Anything Online – Speaking the payments of Payza received it can be done almost in every online shopping. It does not matter which corner of the world you wish to shop, you can use it to make payments of online shopping worldwide.
  • Payza is powered by Yes Bank – The payment gateway service of Payza is powered by the Yes Bank. It allows to add or withdraw Rupees at the lowest range of fee.

What are the fees of Payza Payment Gateway?

It is totally free service in Payza to send money online. It does not charge any kind of activation costs and it is free from the yearly fees. Let us have a quick look on the transaction fees for India be it in Personal or Business. The account opening is free and to receive funds is at 2.50% + 0.45 and is applicable in both. And the currency conversion fund that is foreign exchange is dome at 2.5%. To learn more about the fees of Payza click here.