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EBS Review
EBS Review – A Decent Gateway for Payments

EBS is the short form of E-Billing Solutions Pvt. Ltd and is a multiple payment gateway available in India. It makes the online purchases job easy for any available merchant website. Simply collect the payment with several modes of payments like net banking by using EBS. Also by using the credit or debit cards as it […]

PayUbiz Review
PayUbiz Review – Simple Payment Solution & Easy to Use

If you wish to increase your online sales today then you must pick PayUbiz. It is a right choice for those whose is the store owner, salesman or merchant and it helps in growing their business. PayUbiz is a simple payment gateway solution that gives you an excellent service. It gives you the best cutting-edge […]

payza review
Payza Review – Receive And Send Payments Worldwide

Start using Payza you can easily accept online payment and get it paid in Rupees. Payza’s provide low fees service. It will give you helping hands in storing more of your money. Either choose your personal or business account. The sign-up the account in Payza is free and it also gives you a free annual […]

airpay review
Airpay Review – A Simple & Easy Online Payment System

Speaking of the online payment services in India there is no doubt that Airpay provides the best features. Airpay is a unique payment platform that supports world e-commerce and retail services. Due to good services, Airpay has been listed on the top list among the payment gateway available in India. The company was founded back […]

BrainTree Review
Braintree Payment Gateway : Review

Where digitization is slowly taking over the world along its heels, different payment gateways are coming into frame very frequently. There are already so many options of Payment Gateways available in the sphere that it becomes difficult for businesses to choose what to pickup and what to drop. But don’t worry we are here for […]

2CheckOut Global Payment Gateway Review

Currently there are more than thousands of websites available that allows payments and money transfer through the web. Among that 2Checkout is one of the top most recommended platforms which is used by millions of merchants in worldwide. It is an e-commerce business platform which will let you to make payments and send money for […]

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